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International Business Engagement Consulting Opportunity

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Jan 29, 2022
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I’m reaching out on behalf of Plan International USA to invite individuals to apply for Plan International’s International Business Engagement consulting opportunity for the FAIR Fish Project.

Plan International USA is an international non-governmental organization (NGO) focused on girls’ rights. Powered by supporters, we partner with adolescent girls and children around the world to overcome oppression and gender inequality, providing the support and resources that are unique to their needs and the needs of their communities, ensuring they achieve their full potential.

Our organization is implementing the US Department of Labor-funded FAIR Fish Project, and we are inviting qualified consultants to apply for a position as one of three individual consultants, or three teams of consultants, based in the US, Europe and Australia to support our effort to engage with businesses in the three regions that are importing seafood-related products from Thailand. For this consultancy, we have a budget cap of $32,000 USD per consultants in each region and favor travels within the continent. We are specifically looking for consultants who can engage with buyers of Thai seafood in each region and have at least 15 of those buyers interested in further engaging with Thai seafood processing companies to help them understand the benefits of complying by labor rights code of conducts and international regulations.

The detailed scope of this work including anticipated period of performance are included in this job listing. Please reach out to us for additional questions if your company is interested in this unique opportunity.