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Guide to Online Seafood Business "Terrible" Profits

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Nov 3, 2021
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Currently, when it comes to easy online business items that can bring high profits, clothes, cosmetics, food, etc. are still the top choices. However, according to research from experts. Currently, there is an extremely potential field that is being ignored by everyone, which is the online seafood business.

Although facing many difficulties from transportation, selection to preservation, product introduction. Seafood businesses are considered to be able to bring huge profits if they know how to solve problems and how to do business effectively.

Let's learn some online seafood business guidelines to help bring about huge profits below to accumulate some more knowledge and experience. Help you know what you need to do and how to get You can achieve good business results as well as get high profits from your wholesale.

1. Effective online seafood business – Zoning business locations


Seafood is considered as one of the fresh food items that are difficult to ensure freshness when brought to customers. Therefore, to ensure the best effect when conducting online business. Choose varieties such as dried seafood, frozen seafood, raw seafood or fresh seafood that has been brought in from ships for the best effect.

However, it should be noted that frozen, fresh or live seafood products are very difficult to transport and preserve. Therefore, when expanding the scope of activities, the transportation process will become more difficult and affect the seafood preservation process, causing losses. Therefore, focusing on zoning the location is considered as one of the top criteria when trading seafood online.

2. Who can participate in the online seafood business?

In fact, anyone can participate in the online seafood business. However, it is necessary to make sure to get a reputable, regular and stable supply. At the same time, as mentioned above. The business location should not be too far from the source of the goods because if it is transported for a long time, the seafood will no longer keep its freshness when it reaches the customer. Usually, this is considered a great business idea for those who have family members living near the sea. Because then, they can completely trust and take the initiative in delivering goods for business.

Besides, it should also be noted that despite bringing high profits, effective online seafood business is not a simple matter. If you do not know how to manage sales, ensure delivery time as well as product quality, the loss will be inevitable. So, if you want to really start a business in this field. Please research and find out carefully. Once everything is ready, let's get started.

3. A Guide to Choosing Fresh Seafood

One of the most basic customer requirements for seafood is freshness and large size. Therefore, live varieties are always sought after by many customers even though the selling price may be higher than usual.

Therefore, when trading in seafood products such as shrimp, octopus, squid, fish, shellfish, snails, crabs, mussels, etc., you should look for fresh ones. For example, shrimps are still jumping, crabs are crawling, octopuses are moving tentacles, etc.

Currently, on the internet there are many articles sharing from experts about the experience of choosing fresh seafood for each different type. So, you can find some more reference information to be able to buy the most suitable type.

4. Where Can You Find Fresh Seafood For Business?

To be able to ensure the quality of fresh seafood, you should source goods from coastal markets. Besides, as mentioned above. The place you do business should also open in the coastal provinces near the aquaculture or fishing areas to ensure the most convenient for the hospital to import goods and move.

If you have relatives or friends living in those areas, you can ask them to buy it and then ship it to you. In case there is not, you need to invest time down to the site to survey, learn as well as compare prices and quality to be able to find a reputable and most suitable partner. Then, hire more staff or find a good shipping company to get the seafood back.

5. Effective online seafood business – Preservation process

In case if the customer only requires fresh but does not necessarily need to live, you can equip additional ice boxes, freezers as well as warn the importer in advance that the seafood needs to be put in the ice box to ensure freshness.

If the customer requests that the item is not only fresh but also needs to be live, you need to invest in some supporting tools such as oxygen tanks, sea water tanks, etc. to create a suitable living environment for seafood. Make sure they stay healthy until delivered to the customer.

6. Shipping seafood to customers

Shipping seafood to customers is considered the most difficult problem when trading seafood online. Because to be able to ensure freshness when delivered to customers. Your vehicle needs to carry additional storage devices that are often very heavy and cumbersome, making the process of moving very difficult. Therefore, although it is considered to be a field of great profit. But that is only for those who are constantly striving to overcome difficulties and are always looking for the most effective way to solve problems.

7. Who is your target audience?

In addition to ensuring the best possible storage and transportation. Zoning your business area also helps you narrow down your target audience. Instead of targeting a nationwide audience, you only need to focus on the locality where you are starting your business to ensure the best performance.

Let's start by targeting the target audience is relatives, family, friends or colleagues. Then ask them to re-introduce the seafood you are doing business with to other acquaintances. Along with that, make sure to give your customers the best experience with your product. When they are satisfied, they will automatically help you PR more for their relatives, family, friends or colleagues, thereby opening up a new customer base for you.

In addition, you can also visit sites or groups in your area. Post and introduce your online seafood sales page to more people.

8. Using Facebook Pages For Online Seafood Business

Currently, Facebook is considered as one of the leading online sales channels. Through regularly updating product information, articles share how to choose fresh seafood, how to prepare attractive dishes as well as positive reviews and feedbacks from customers who have purchased. your product. From there, help build trust, love as well as customer interaction for your online seafood business page. Make closing sales easier and more efficient.

9. Building Promotions

Besides using Facebook to introduce your brand, your seafood products reach potential customers. To increase the efficiency of your business, you can build more promotions, discounts, free dry goods as well as free shipping to attract more customers.

Besides, you can also provide some additional services such as seafood processing for customers in need. Post information to inform customers about discounts on seasonal seafood occasions, anniversaries, and store activities to stimulate customers' purchasing needs.

10. Equipping with the Knowledge of Choosing and Trading in Seafood

To be able to ensure the best business performance, it is important to be equipped with knowledge on how to choose seafood, preservation processes as well as effective business methods. Not only can you advise and support customers better, thereby creating more trust, but also help you avoid problems such as importing poor-quality goods, not knowing how to preserve seafood, etc. damaged, degraded quality, …

So, take the time to learn, refer to more articles, videos sharing knowledge about seafood as well as effective online business to make sure your wholesale achieves the desired success.

11. Receive Orders, Collect Orders, Then Proceed to Import Goods for Business

The preservation of seafood is always the top problem, so you should not do online business in the form of importing goods and then looking for customers to sell. Instead, choose the Order business model – When a customer places an order, the goods will be imported.

Besides, the process of transporting goods will take a lot of time and effort. Therefore, you should announce to close the order in batches like 3 or 5 days/time (In case the business location is near the sea market, it can be within the day). Then proceed to collect the application and go get it.

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